Banner ad campaign

Banner ads are a popular and effective way for companies to advertise on the internet. They are simple hypertext links that instructs a server to bring up a particular webpage (Harris, 2017). Banners ads are aimed to either attract someone to click on the ad and go through to the publisher site or for the ad to resonate in the viewers mind and for them to use the website in the future. There effectiveness can be easily measured by the number of clicks each ad receives (Katai, 2017).  Banner ads also promote branding and familiarity with a product making you more likely to buy one particular brand which could be more expensive, thus benefiting the company. The best method of making banner ads effective is placing them on pages that can relate to the ad as that is where viewers with similar interests are likely to be. You can also target people specifically based on what they have previously viewed using browser cookies (Cameron, 2017). Targeted advertising is a very effective way of advertising because of this as it allows a business to to target only those who are likely to be interested, meaning they can reduce the number of areas targeted which also reduces the cost of the advertising,

Many companies use banner ads, some of them include House of Fraser, Amazon, Marks and Spencer’s and ASOS

Banner ads are often distributed through advertising networks such as Google adwords as it can be difficult to negotiate directly with the website owner/operator ( Katai, 2017)

Below are examples of Baners ads for my e-shop


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